Thursday, November 26, 2009

What Else Do I Need: Campaign Planning

Television and Commercial Airing:
Commercials about the campaign will be aired during the day, approximately between 4 to 8 o'clock on weekdays, as many children are typically home from school at this time and can view the television when they get home for school. Since our television commercial is directed towards students within a school environment, this commercial will be aired on many children networks such as YTV, TVO kids, and the Family Channel, as the Family Channel is one of the organizations that supports anti-bullying within our campaign. This commercial is very short, and can also be geared towards teenagers within a high school environment. Since it can be used for a slightly older audience, this commercial can be placed on many television networks that have a wide spread teen audience. This includes networks such as MTV sand Muchmusic. The radio commercial can also be used on radio stations that have a larger teenage audience and can vary depending on their preference.

In order to spread the word about our anti-bullying campaign, posters can be displayed within areas that contain a large child/teenage audience. Buttons can be passed out and presentations can be made throughout various schools. For young teenagers, buttons can also be passed out within a mall environment on weekends, as many teenagers love to shop when they have the free time. T Shirts can also be purchased at designated locations within the mall, and information booths can be set up for people that have questions about Kids Help Phone and how are campaign is incorporated with the Family Channel.

Alternating Campaign for a different audience:

Each theme can be changed to bullying within a workplace environment either co-worker vs. co-worker, or boss vs. employee. All of our content presenting information about bullying within a school environment will be changed to information informing adults about bullying within a workplace and how it can be avoided, what to do if the situation occurs, and how to prevent potential situations involving harassment within a workplace. All advertising will take place in an urban area close to large businesses (ex. The Eaton's Centre/ Union Station within Toronto), so adults within large corporations can be exposed to the campaign. Other organizations and workers unions will strongly be supported. Visuals can be added to the commercial or sounds around a workplace/ office environment can be substituted for school sounds. Another organization will be supported at the end, ex. a local workers union, government contracts, etc.

This idea can also be altered to fit bullying within a school environment, but rather supporting student harassment towards teachers. Information can be altered to fit the expectations of local school boards and seminars can be held with teachers on a monthly basis to help teachers prepare to avoid these issues. This campaign can be altered to support a teachers union, rather than Kids Help Phone or Family. Video content and radio content will be altered with different facts based upon harassment towards a teacher (ex. students yelling at a teacher excessively).

Teacher Harassment towards a student:
The same organizations and commercials can be used, but they must be altered in some way informing students that bullying is not only on a student vs. student level. Many children/teenager are unaware of this, so more advertising will be produced to focus on this issue and school visits will mention facts about this issue. The video can be altered to have voices of teachers yelling at students excessively, etc.

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