Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Own Comic Life

1. I loved creating captions for each individual box when placing my mini graphic novel together. It was challenging to come up with decent phrases, but I managed to string together an interesting story about my pet cat over the Christmas holidays. I disliked the fact that the was not much inspiration around my local environment to create a story outside of my house. I was able to include the day when I got to see an Olympic torch exchange take place, which was very exciting to take pictures of and talk about.

2. I would change the colours and contrast of my photos to add special effects. This could have made it easier to create dialogue for each box, as the photos would be slightly distorted.

3. This type of assignment does not fit into my type of learning preference as I mainly enjoy writing articles and reviews based upon other media related topics. Creating a mini graphic novel was fun, but I have always found the concept of Journalism to be quite interesting.

4. I would tell students to have a large variety of pictures before setting up any kind of storyboard or layout. This will allow students to have a decent selection of similar images (provided that they are taken around similar times) to work with.

Video Response

Bon Cop Bad Cop: Video Response

When watching this film in class, I was astonished at the fact that I have never heard or seen anything about this movie before. It could possibly be because of an old release date, as I don't recall going to the movie theatres as much as I do now (the film was released in 2006). When taking a look at the title of the film, it can be easily identified as a Canadian film due to the incorporation of French and English within the title. I liked how the setting took place within areas of Ontario and Quebec, as both the English speaking Canadian and French speaking cultures were adapted in the film to symbolize that the film was Canadian made.

It is ironic though, that the movie contained so many references towards hockey, almost as if it was stereotyping Canadians to make us all look like hockey fanatics. Using Hockey Night in Canada as their main theme and equipping the tattoo killer with a goalie mask along with a hockey stick for a weapon, it almost seems like the director wanted to make sure that an international audience would catch on to sports that we are depicted to love.

The one thing I really enjoyed was the humor of the French cop and how he made light of every intense situation with a bit of humor. Whether it was interrogating a suspect or investigating a murder, his French accent and sarcastic humor made this film great to watch.

We definitely need to see more movies like this in the future! Unfortunately, there are a lot of movies that are produced within the United States, and even though our CanCon Laws have laws of how much Canadian content should be played within Canada, it seems like more Canadian films need to be released to give Canada a greater praise within the film industry.