Saturday, November 14, 2009

Feelings about Remembrance Day

Both of my grandfathers were also involved within WWII, one was called home before being sent over seas, the other was an Italian war prisoner. I am really happy that they were both here during my childhood, as I would have hated to be born into this world without getting to meet both of my grandfathers.

When celebrating a time of remembrance for those that have fought within World War II for our freedom today, it is hard not to get emotional. All of the soldiers that gave their lives for our freedom should be remembered for how much they sacrificed to make the country what it is today. It was great to see a presentation within the cafeteria about this specific celebration for the first time in all five years of my high school career. This presentation was more effective then listening to a five minute announcement while sitting in a classroom, as this brought no visualization and little impact to listeners. This ceremony should have deserved more respect from Pine Ridge in the past, and I am glad that they have done this presentation this year and hopefully for years to come.

One of the videos shown within the presentation was very touching:

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