Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bonus Post: Students Pay for Grades!

Have you ever heard of the saying "you learn from your own mistakes"...

It is sad to see that students are stooping down to the level of paying for their grades to be altered to a higher equivalent. No matter what school a student attends, they should be entitled to the right of earning their marks as a reflection of their participation within a classroom environment rather then paying to get a higher grade. There are many students that try their best to get high marks, in which their marks reflect how hard they worked towards their goals. It would be a same to see all of that commitment out the window. How will students learn from heir mistakes, if they can just pay to raise their marks every time they get a low test score.

This seems like a form of cheating to me, as the students are just cheating themselves out of hard work and commitment needed for future schools. What happens if thew particular student that bought all of their marks ended up in a university, will they have what it takes to pass. After all, they are lying to universities when submitting their marks, as it does not reflect hard work and commitment, but a false average based upon the size of a student's wallet.

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