Monday, November 2, 2009

Anti-Bullying PSA

This public service announcement, produced by Family Channel, contains a very powerful message portrayed in an effective way. When viewing the video, it is apparent that a young male, possibly in his first year high school, is getting harassed by a group of senior students. The younger student was getting teased for having red hair and judging by his facial expressions, he was very uncomfortable about certain comments directed towards him. Another senior student was near by when the event took place and after being a witness to this, he came to school the next day with his hair died red. When the bullies began to tease the younger student, they soon stopped when noticing that the senior student also had red hair.

It's amazing how powerful this psa was when addressing an issue to the public without the use of such a large dialogue. It shows many viewers how to confront a bully without the use of physical or verbal contact.

This particular psa relates to myself as I am also in a high school environment where daily accounts of bullying have occurred. I remember in my first year of high school, being a "minor niner", I was always afraid to walk by a group of senior students. There was always gossip about many younger students getting picked on by older students, but it never happened to me. This psa provides a great example of what to do in a situation if someone you know is getting bullied by another peer.

I managed to catch a glimpse at the communication between the victim and the senior student sitting on the bleacher, noticing that they waved to each other for a split second. I was under the impression that they did not know each other, which made it even more powerful and motivational. Many students within a school environment are often bystanders to events such as this. If they take a stand to those that bully an individual, while using similar methods such as this source of confrontation, maybe it will make more students of the school environment feel safe and secure.

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