Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Childhood Television

The Big Comfy Couch is one of the television shows that I remember from my childhood. Like any other television show directed to children as it's target audience, there is always some sort of message behind every episode. The show itself takes setting within a town of clowns, where clowns are portrayed as kind, caring individuals. I find this a bit ironic as many children are typically scared of clowns. I always loved watching the segment where the main character turn into a human clock to help viewers learn how to read the time. I do believe that this was one of the first shows that helped me learn how to read the time. I remember that I always used to sing along whenever the opening sequence occurred.

When viewing this clip as an adult, I have noticed that the way of portraying morals to children within the show is a bit disappointing. It seems a bit lame to sit through a video and listen to jingles about a clown that likes to sleep in and procrastinate. I do think that the morals are portrayed efficiently towards children as each episode contains a different message, this one happens to be about falling down.

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