Sunday, December 6, 2009

Graphic Novel Unit

Watchmen: The Plot

The Watchmen, a fictional account set in an alternate view of the United States in 1985, tells the tale of a fallen group of costumed heroes and their days spent in retirement. While the United States is at a confrontation with the Soviet Union of Russia, Rorschach (real name: Joesph Kovacs), a masked member of the Watchmen, discovers that a fellow member of the group of costumed heroes has been brutally murdered. Edward Blake, formally known as the Comedian, was photographed outside of his apartment entrance, after being beaten to death and thrown out of his apartment window. After investigating the crime scene, Rorschach finds himself with a hunch that the murder was planned by someone from his past and the Comedian is just one of the planned murders on all of the members within the Watchmen. After reuniting with the Silk Spectre, the Night Owl, Dr. Manhattan, and Ozymandias, Rorschach soon discovers that the villain lurks within his own group of accomplices. Only time will tell, as a gigantic creature is waiting to destroy half of New York, ending the Cold War between the Americans and the Russians, causing both of them to unite under suspicion of an Alien attack.

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