Saturday, December 12, 2009

Presentation Response

My Thoughts

I think I did well when presenting my perspective an elements of fiction that I found within Watchmen. It was very revealing to hear that all of my hard work put into preparing my presentation, payed off. One of the strengths within my presentation had to be my confidence and my passion hidden behind the topic of discussion. I have always been interested in the analysis of literature, as I plan to minor within English studies while at university. This gave me extra motivation when deciphering aspects within my topic. I believed that my tone was very clear and my eye contact with the audience was frequently used.

There were some things that I need to improve on when presenting. While presenting my topic of discussion, I tried to limit my "umms" and "likes" as much as possible. Despite my efforts, I managed to say umm about 3 to 4 times. Another thing I noticed, not only within my group, but within every group's seminar was the lack of class involvement. When presenting a topic to the audience during a seminar, your goal is to teach the audience about your topic. Adding class discussions on various aspects of your topic ensures that the audience understands and is paying attention to your presentation. This adds motivation to the audience, as it is very boring when sitting in front of a group of presenters that read off valid points with no feeling or emotion behind it. The idea of some form of class discussion would have been added and is definitely suggested to other groups for this purpose.

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