Sunday, December 6, 2009

Graphic Novel Unit

Watchmen: Visual Style

Visuals within Watchmen contain many graphic displays that are intended for a mature audience. The use of mild nudity and excessive amounts of blood within each caption box may be a little too much to handle. When dealing with the illustration of boxes within the graphic novel, the illustrator uses a large amount of detail within the color scheme to outline important facial features and environmental surroundings. Despite the large amount of comment bubbles, the text stands out nicely and key points are in bold if the readers have trouble understanding what information is important to know. The illustrator had the ability to create a large amount of different emotions amongst the faces of characters, making it more interesting to read when analyzing a character's facial expressions. The layout of the novel is still in standard format, with changes based on the chapter is presented. This also allows readers to develop an interest in a particular character based upon on their rights.

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