Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who Knew Mad Cow Disease Lead to Flesh Eating Zombies!


The title of this movie screams zombie horror flick, but many viewers were astonished and content with the large amount of comedic scenes played throughout the feature film.

It turns out that the world's population has fallen under a pandemic, where the average human who has been exposed to Mad Cow Disease, experiences trauma to the brain, causing the human to have a desire for human flesh. The disease soon spreads as other humans are bitten and infected with the virus.

When viewing the film, the story behind each character was a mix of comedic and touching performances. Zombieland contains numerous amounts of hilarious dialect exchanged between characters, dramatic actions, and romantic encounters, which provides the audience with several aspects to enjoy. Bill Murray also made a guest appearance within the film, which added an extra comedic flare to the performance. If you love movies filled with action, the characters within the film encounter many situations where they must use their kunning intelligence and their firearms to take down crowds of the undead.

IMDB users have rated the film a whopping 8.5 out of 10 and the film search has received up to 88% popularity this week. The film trailer and summary is located in a previous post entitled
"Coming Soon: What to Look For".

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