Sunday, October 4, 2009

Romance Coming This February

Valentine's Day

Director Garry Marshall, famous for directing television series "Happy Days", has been working on a modern day film based upon ten couples that intertwine and connect with each other on February 14th, otherwise known as Valentine's Day.

The film genre is that of a romantic comedy and contains many familiar faces throughout the trailer. The Cast list includes Bradley Cooper (The Hangover), Jamie Foxx (Collateral), Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew), Ashton Kutcher (The Butterfly Effect), and Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries).

It seems like Twilight celebrity Taylor Launter and pop-country artist Taylor Swift have made it onto the cast list on IMDB, which leads me to believe if both of them will follow through in terms of acting in a romantic comedy. After all, Launter is known for all of the hype about Twilight, but the actor has not been known for his work outside of the series. As for Taylor Swift, irt will be interesting to see her acting, as she is well known for her hit singles that teenie boppers love to injoy and her interuption at the 2009 MTV Music Awards.

Valentine's Day is set to release February, 2010.

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