Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Secret I Would Like to Share ...

I know this is straying off topic to the theme of my blog with what I am about to post and I am also aware of the "no personal post" rule or suggestion that has been stated in class, but it seems that we have never left The Toronto Maple Leafs alone when discussing topics amongst the media within our classroom. It's not like I'm offended by this, because I completely agree with everyone's statements in class. The Leafs do suck sand have lost every game they have played so far, but there is something that I have been hiding from the world that many may find very humorous ...


It may be hard to believe but lets take a look at my bedroom, or my worshiping temple, if you prefer.

I truly believed that Mats Sundin carried the Leafs out of a no game winning streak, but now things have obviously changed.

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