Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vampires + Teens = All the Rage?

... Not Another Twilight Movie

It seems that teenagers today are drawn into the mysterious ways of the vampire. Lately, with all of the preview footage released to promote New Moon, its seems like other production groups are picking up the idea that adding Vampires into a motion picture certainly intends for great profit.

The modern day Vampire franchise has not only been seen throughout recently published literature (Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series) but can also be seen in the new teen flick entitled "Vampire Diaries".

Looks like the Backstreet Boys are also trying to take a ride on the Vampire train. Their new video entitled "Straight Through My Heart" portraying the boys as member of an organization called "The Day Walkers": A group who band together to protect innocent mortals or Kine against the Gentry: Vampires who hunt for prey at bars and nightclubs. Only one problem... sometime the hunters become the hunted! It is sad to say that the boys are desperate, as this is an all time low to try and make a comeback.

New Moon is set to release on November 20th, 2009.

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